Welcome to Ayitimoun Yo !

Thank you to everyone who came out, supported, shared, donated, and listened patiently as we campaigned on IndieGoGo for 60 days. The support we received has been truly overwhelming and we’re grateful for everyone that believed in what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Aytimoun Yo is a nonprofit organization that was founded in December 2010 and has headquarters in Spain and France. Ayitimoun Yo works to ensure the rights of children in South East Haiti close to the border with the Dominican Republic.

The core values of our organization are love and respect for children, children´s rights, nonviolence, equality between people regardless of gender, race, religion or nationality. Aytimoun Yo currently employs 22 people, all Haitian, we work with volunteers from around the world.

For more information see our presentation of Haiti Ti page.